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Why Do Some Say Yes to Unknown Places?

This magnificent, three-part tale opens in a once-idyllic forest where the creatures fear for their survival amid a drought so long-standing that none recall ever seeing ariver and the dangers of hungry hunters. So desperate are they that a lightning-fast jackrabbit thief undertakes a quest to find the mythological river goddess, Violet, and race her for the river. Part two occurs many years later on the estate of absurdly conspicuous consumers, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, the latter of whom hates rain and nature sounds. Their children are twins purchased at a bargain price…A mishap with the past… infects the Miller house with “soul crawlers, parasites of hate that thrived where evil lurked.” Twenty years later, in the adjoining township [of Briarwood], part three brings thirteen-year-old Nub Begley, a farmer boy, and female classmate Nil Turner. Their adventures complete the complex tapestry of this rich tale.

- VOYA 5Q 5P

Recommended for ages 9-14 and up


A voya Perfect Ten Title

A VOYA Perfect Ten title is considered to be a must-read and a must-buy by many young adult school and public librarians! With over 1,100 reviews of young adult books in VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) in print and online in 2012, our reviewers awarded only thirty-one titles.

This story will make life-long readers of youth not previously committed to reading. Middle schools and public libraries will want multiple copies. Doting adults will do well to gift copies to beloved youth. Adults who take the time to explore these pages will be reminded of the important titles of their youth, the ones that originally hooked them on reading.

- VOYA – Voice of Youth Advocates


The story of a courageous rabbit thief, a vulnerable tortoise, of people “with” and “without” umbrellas that tells of life and the importance of forgiveness and tolerance

Maria Lisella

Award-winning Travel Writer, Content Maven, Editorial Consultant and Editor at Large


The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle certainly qualifies as creative. I say that as a creativity researcher. As a reader I would simply say, “It is delightful.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

Author of How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization


This is an enchanting book filled with warmth, mystery and humor.

The writing and illustrations bring Nub and Nil’s journey to life in a manner that will captivate readers of all ages. J.L. Kimmel and David Ceccarelli have made a major contribution to Children’s Literature through The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle. This river journey will win your heart.

Patrick O’Neill

Extraordinary Conversations


Throughout time the art of storytelling as a means of describing the natural phenomena and the mysteries of the world can be found in fables, tales, related dreams, and stories passed on from generation to generation. From Aesop’s fables to legends uttered by firelight these stories help us to explain the inexplicable. And it is in this vein that THE YAWNING RABBIT RIVER CHRONICLE succeeds.

Grady Harp



The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle is a marvelous story of nature, natural resources and what we are doing to the earth, greed, prejudice, mystery, and kindness… all good lessons for young folks.

Phyllis Juried

Publisher Today's Parent


Truly great stories have a wonderful capacity to teach enormous truths as they enchant and entertain.

I predict that both the young and the young at heart will make J.L. Kimmel’s The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle a new classic because it is filled to the brim with warmth, humor, richness, and mystery that is life itself. David Ceccarelli’s illustrations are icing on a delicious cake that is sure to be savored by young adults today and by their children and grandchildren for generations to come!

David McMillian

Host Strategies for Living Radio


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Book of the Year 2013 for Fiction Adventure Book Category


TYRRC winner of The Nautilus Silver Award 2013 for YA Fiction!

Recognizing Books that Promote Spiritual Growth, Conscious Living, and Positive Social Change as they stimulate the imagination and inspire the reader to new possibilities for a better world. Link


Reader Comments!

“I see that [The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle] works and has a magic that is the traditional magic that is lost in children’s books today. I think the magic is the real belief that lies in the authors’ hearts and minds, the enthusiasm for what they are doing.” Jacquie Monda June 2013


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